No time to breathe..
Or so they'd have you believe.

The fact you're reading this proves we can all escape and find time to breathe. It may be hidden between journeys, meetings, lessons, arguments, shopping trips or spasms of pain, but in the time-lapse haze of your life rushing past - steal a moment for yourself. Welcome to mine...

This site is a platform for the creative expression of my existence, as well as an escape from it. With a reality that's set to sap every available second this is a place to catch your breath and be free. Content is not categorised nor ordered and has no hidden agenda or purpose other than it would perhaps be nice to collate it all in a book, one day. There is also a blog should you be interested to view it.

For now go see, read, breathe and if the mood takes you, let me know what you think to all this.

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"These words are hollow if they do not hit your heart,
Their meaning lost if they hesitate to move you.
They are my gift to the minds-eye of the world,
Take them as your own, for I can contain them no more"


©2006 all rights reserverd.